The World Taiji Boxing Association

(The following description is taken, with permission, from the WTBA website.)

 The WTBA is an organisation of like minds from all over the world coming together in friendship and harmony (well most times).

Erle Montaigue began the Australian Taiji Boxing Association back in 1979. It soon became clear that the organisation had outgrown the 'Australian' part so we changed it to the World taiji Boxing Association.

Erle Montaigue is the head of the WTBA worldwide and we have a number of Country Representatives around the world. [Double Dragon Tai Chi Studio instructor, Josephine Anderson, is the Canadian Representative for Taiji.] These are students and friends who have trained with Erle for many years and have risen to a high level of competence in Erle's system of Internal Gung-fu.

We now have representatives in around 30 countries with well over 10,000 students being in some way associated with the WTBA as 'WTBA members'.

There is no real hierarchy in the WTBA as this is how Erle Montaigue likes it, plain and simple without titles or bowing down to anyone, just a bunch of friends training together with a like goal of harmony and great good health and along the way perhaps some self defence.

The WTBA has no uniforms or any other patches or other lofty names like 'Sensei' or Master or Loucher etc. We are simply here to help each other up the ladder.

However, we do have some items of WTBA clothing in the way of T shirts and Jumpers with the WTBA logo embroidered or screened. These are mainly for those attending the WTBA Taiji Training camp, however, others are also able to purchase these items from WTBA secretary, Mause Eaglen wtba@norex.com.au Email Mause and ask for a full catalogue of WTBA souvenirs.

If you wish to join the WTBA, you will find an on-line application form [www.taijiworld.com]. There is no charge for this in keeping with WTBA policy, that joining fees and grading fees should be nil! However, the applicant must have some knowledge of the WTBA and what is taught or be in some way connected, for instance via Erle's videos etc.

To become a WTBA instructor however, takes a little more training and assessment!



(Taken, with permission, from the WTBA website - www.taijiworld.com)

Erle Montaigue has been practising the martial/healing art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan since 1968. His teachers include Master Wong Eog (1968), Master Chu King Hung (1973) London, Grand-master Chang Yiu-Chun one of only two disciples of Yang Shou-hou.

Erle became the first student of Master Chu in London in 1973. Chu was one of three disciples of Yang Sau-chung, (1909-1985) the eldest son of the great master Yang Cheng-Fu. Erle was formally introduced to Yang Sau-chung in 1981 when he visited him at his home in Hong-Kong to have his form corrected.

In 1985, Erle and eight of his students became the first Westerners to be asked to perform at the all China National Wushu Tournament in Yinchuan China. There, Erle was tested by four of the world's greatest Chinese masters and was awarded the degree of "MASTER", the only
Westerner to be given this honour. Erle now regards Chang Yiu-Chun as his main teacher from whom he learnt the "Old Yang Style" & the Dim-Mak.

Erle's books, videos and articles have helped to change the way that people look at the internal martial arts. His videos are viewed all around the world and his books are sold in China. He is the Chairman of the WORLD TAIJI BOXING ASSOCIATION, Chairman of the WORLD THERAPEUTIC MOVEMENT ASSOCIATION, Vice Chairman of the FEDERATION OF AUSTRALASIAN WUSHU AND KUNG-FU ORGANIZATIONS, Editor of COMBAT AND HEALING MAGAZINE and has his own column in "Australasian Fighting Arts Magazine." He is also the Australasian Correspondent for Fighting Arts International, the prestigious British International Martial Arts Magazine and writes his own column for this magazine.

In 1995 May, Erle Montaigue became the first westerner to go to China to learn from the Original Wudang Shan group, namely one Liang Shiah-kan, the keeper of the original Dim-Mak Qi Disruptive Forms.

Combat & Healing Magazine

(Taken, with permission, and edited, from the website of the WTBA - www.taijiworld.com.)

Combat & Healing magazine is published by Montaigue Books and is edited by Erle Montaigue. It brings vital information never before published to the public. Articles and views from all of the world's greatest masters from all three of the internal systems are featured, past and present. Although this magazine is not "pretty", with colour covers and full of advertisements etc., it is recognised as being the highest quality content of any such magazine.

It is only published electronically and it can be obtained free from www.taijiworld.com